RankJack is a small team of 2-3 part time freelancers, and one person working full time on it.

We are all located in different countries – France, India, US, and Nomadicaland.

I started RankJack in late 2019, having worked in several startups building their marketing strategies from scratch, and helping them grow their businesses.

Content Marketing today has changed so much over the years, due to two key factors:

i) Ever increasing growth of content on the internet on every possible topic

ii) Google Search Algorithms becoming more efficient and favouring those with the best content

All top marketing gurus swear by writing more content regularly, and reaching page 1 or rank 1 on Google to grow your blog.

That is simply not true!

The truth is that even getting rank #1 on Google isn’t enough today to outgrow competition, and grow at a viral speed!

The fact that having ranked #1 for organic search results on Google still gets you under 3-5 ad results, featured snippet (or popularly known as Position Zero) and People also ask sections.

It takes a good scroll for a user to see the top result on Google search and this impacts the CTR of the top Google Search results.

Due to serious competition for Google search rank, I started exploring other ways to get free traffic to complement the organic traffic.

But what about the business?

I also noticed that most startups and their marketing agencies produce content, but it doesn’t lead to sales or revenues.

For these reasons, I started RankJack – to focus on content that brings you more revenues.

But more on RankJack and our story here!

I started RankJack to help clients produce best-in-the-industry content that brings them more revenues.

Our Blog

Coherent to our philosophy, we write less but useful content, and we promote our content extensively to get more leads.

We share all of our strategies in our blog for anyone to copy them. Knowledge is (and should be) free!

Read our blog to understand our approach to marketing.

This also helps us promote our philosophy of producing only the content that genuinely helps your audience.

Less content is good, bro!

I, sincerely, hope that you’ll get the most out of our blog, and use the strategies to grow not only your blog, but your revenues.


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– Vineet Karhail